AMR Interiores

My Experience in AMR Interiores

When I first joined this forum I had never heard of AMR Interiores. Apparently they were down the road from me and I didn’t get a chance to check them out until I was reading some of the forum posts. It turns out that the gentleman who runs AMR Interiores is a brilliant writer and an interesting conversationalist so the forum has several topics on him.

AMR interiores

On the other hand, I recently stumbled across Cara Daftar, an indie band from San Francisco, California. The band is made up of two girls and one guy. One of the guys has been with the band for four years and the other guy joined the band about a year ago.

So what I found on AMR Interiores was not what I expected. Indeed, the topic was about writing and the guy making a living writing books, ebooks, and of course fiction and non-fiction. There was a discussion on how to approach publishing but I didn’t see what their niche was as I wasn’t really looking for a writing career.

On the other hand I found lapak303 and the whole band to be well above average musicians. Of course, they’re new and they don’t have a huge fan base yet.

That’s when I started to link chortling. I always thought that if I could find something interesting in a forum that I should go ahead and post it. After all, who knows? Some day I might become famous and people will be wanting to hear my opinions.

There was also a group called AHOG (A Forum For Jacked Geeks) that I signed up for but was not a member of. In addition to being a jack of all trades I also believe that we are all chivalrous if not outright ladies. Well, maybe not exactly ladies but chivalrous in general and I am proud to be a member of this forum.

It’s interesting because I came here and started talking about something interesting and off topic and then suddenly another guy walks over and starts to join the thread. He is a man by the name of Little Dave. He has posted here many times and I will be waiting to see if he starts creating threads that are off topic.

A man from Texas named David from Stateside joined AMR Interiores and pointed out that they have an interesting site, which is kind of like a literary forum. Apparently it is free to join and they have a few members but a lot of them are trolls and haven’t really contributed much to the forum.

I didn’t realize that this person called Ashley in Houston, Texas, belonged to AMR Interiores but apparently she does. She joined the forum and hasn’t done a whole lot to contribute to the community.

This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder. You can join this forum and start contributing and then you come back a month later and start to comment on a thread and you’ve become an “old-timer” – that is, someone who isn’t interested in getting involved anymore. And after a while, you seem to lose your place and stop getting the latest posts.

When I was joining AMR Interiores a year ago, I was actually looking for something to do with my life that would pay the bills and earn me some money. Now I can’t remember where I first came across this place but I’m convinced that someone there must be a living legend in the writing business.

Indeed, if anyone is looking for a writer who has seen better days and is willing to help out newbies, then I think I can vouch for the fantastic content on AMR Interiores. It’s like gold dust.